Adana airport ISDEMİR transfer | Adana airport transfer to ISDEMIR in iskenderun Hatay Turkey | payas hatay isdemir steel factory to adana airport transfer services | Adana airport İSDEMİR steel factory private transfer,car hire with driver adana airport, 5100

Adana airport ISDEMIR transfer

 Please,call us +90555 455 9056 (For English) Transfer from Adana airport to ISDEMIR in Iskenderun/Hatay;Car hire with English speaking driver for business travel,trip,visit in Adana.

Isdemir is one of the biggest steel,iron producer in Iskenderun/Turkey.
Transportation and transfer services for ISDEMIR or car rental services,car hire with driver services in Adana airport.

İsdemir is a Turkish steel producer located in İskenderunHatay Province on the Mediterranean coast. The name is a contraction of the Turkish language İskenderun Demir ve Çelik A.Ş., which means "İskenderun Iron and Steel CO ". İsdemir is currently an Erdemir venture, another steel works located in Ereğli at the Black Seacoast.